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Personal stuff

You can find here some information on me.

  • Presently I'm living in Prague in the charming riverside locality of Sedlec.
  • My six months long visit to the Physical Research Laboratory in India left deep impressions. I met many friends there, with whom I'm still trying to keep in touch.
  • My love for physics has been inspired by my highschool teacher Gábor Horányi, while studying at Móricz Zsigmond Gimnázium in Budapest.
  • I like hiking, spelonking, mountain climbling. I started all this with the group Laokoón Csoport.
  • I made two hiking trips to the Himalayas. I made the first trip to Western Tibet in India, in the Summer of 2000. Pictures can be found on Gergő's and Tamás's website. The last time I've visited Tibet (currently part of China) in 2002.
  • I have climbed Huascarán (6768m) in Perú and Huayna Potosí (6088m) in Bolivia in the "Summer" of 2003. [photos]

Pictures, videos (last updated 23.10.2007)

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