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Measuring the Chern number with ultracold atoms

János Asbóth & Tibor Rakovszky

Time: Tue Oct 20 13:00:00 2015
Location: Building 1, Room 123

The Chern number is a topological invariant of a two-dimensional insulator, which controls the number of one-way conducting states at the edge of the system. Recently, the Bloch group in Munchen measured the Chern number of an artificial matter setup[1]. In this talk we introduce the Chern number as the integral of the Berry curvature over the Brillouin Zone. We discuss effect on the propagation of electrons, known as "anomalous velocity", that was used to detect the Chern number in the experiment. We explain the key ideas that were required to make the experiment work.

1: Aidelsburger et al, Nature Physics 11, 162–166 (2015)