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Particle number distribution in time of flight measurements with one dimensional interacting Bose gases

Izabella Lovas

(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Time: Tue Jul 7 13:00:00 2015
Location: Building 1, Auditorium

The investigation of ultracold interacting atomic gases has been a field of active research in the past decade. Momentum distribution, studied through time of flight measurements, reveals correlations in the initial state of the system. Low dimensional Bose gases draw a special attention, because of the enhanced role of fluctuations. At sufficiently low temperature, the atoms form a quasi-condensate, characterized by reduced density-fluctuations but large phase-fluctuations. We study the momentum distribution in a one dimensional interacting Bose system, directly measurable in time of flight experiments. By using Luttinger-liquid theory, we numerically determine the full distribution function of the particle number in a given region of space at T=0 temperature.