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Test of Spontaneous Collapse Models in Mechanical Oscillators

Lajos Diósi

(Wigner RCP RMI)

Time: Tue Apr 21 13:30:00 2015
Location: Building 1, Auditorium

A painless introduction to the concept of spontaneous collapse is given. The leading collapse models DP and CSL predict classical spontaneoues heating in high-Q mechanical oscillators. A single line calculation shows heating is proportional to the ring-down time, yielding cca 1mK-10K temperature increase. State tomography seems capable to confirm such spontaneous heating in currently used or designed high-Q oscillators, from mg to kg range, under optomechanical control.

L. Diosi, PRL 115, 050403 (2015); M. Bahrami, M. Paternostro, A. Bassi, H. Ulbricht, PRL 112, 210404 (2014); S. Nimmrichter, K. Hornberger, K. Hammerer, PRL 113, 020405 (2014)