A Budapesti Kvantumoptika Csoport

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Kvantumbolyongás szilárdtestfizikai megvalósítása

Yutaka Shikano

(Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan)

Időpont: Tue Jun 17 10:00:00 2014
Hely: I-es épület, 114-es szoba, Tanácsterem

A discrete-time quantum walk can simulate several quantum dynamics to implement the artificial / controlled physical system. In this talk, we propose a quantum-electrodynamics scheme for implementing the discrete-time, coined quantum walk with the walker corresponding to the phase degree of freedom for a quasi-magnon field realized in an ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond. The coin is realized as a superconducting flux qubit. Our scheme improves on an existing proposal for implementing quantum walks in cavity quantum electrodynamics by removing the cumbersome requirement of varying drive-pulse durations according to mean quasiparticle number. Our improvement is relevant to all indirect-coin-flip cavity quantum-electrodynamics realizations of quantum walks. Our numerical analysis shows that this scheme can realize a discrete quantum walk under realistic conditions.