The Budapest Quantum Optics Group

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Electron Waiting Times in Quantum-Coherent Conductors

David Dasenbrook

(Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Geneva)

Time: Tue Jan 21 13:00:00 2014
Location: Building 1, Room 114, Auditorium

The characterization of charge transport in mesoscopic conductors has traditionally involved studying the average currents and their cumulants which are encoded in the full counting statistics (FCS). As an alternative to the FCS, the distribution of waiting times between successive charge detection events has recently emerged as a useful tool to characterize charge transport on short and intermediate time scales. I will give a general introduction into the theory of waiting time distributions (WTD) in mesoscopic conductors and show how they can be calculated in a fully phase-coherent setting using scattering theory. I will show results of WTDs for a quantum point contact (QPC) where either the voltage or the transmission probability can depend periodically on time. Finally, I will discuss correlations between electron waiting times.