The Budapest Quantum Optics Group

Department of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information

Our department is part of the Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, a leading national institution originally established by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and since 1 September 2019 belonging to the Eötvös Loránd Research Network. We are committed to theoretical and experimental research in quantum optics and quantum information processing. The department is the continuation of the quantum optics research group founded by József Janszky at the beginning of 1990's.

Our research is focused on fundamental problems of quantum theory, i.e., the measurement theory, and so-called mesoscopic systems which lie on the border of the microscopic quantum and the macroscopic classical world. Our scientific objective is to extend the high-precision control achieved in the manipulation of individual atoms, trapped ions, photons and ultracold quantum gases to composite quantum systems, such as larger molecules or hybrid — optical and condensed matter based — systems, and to networks of elementary quantum objects. All of our research projects are related to specific physical systems, and are carried out in close collaboration with experimental groups.

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Péter Domokos elected as full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Tamás Kiss and Aurél Gábris publish results in Science Advances
András Gilyén wins second prize in Microsoft Quantum Challenge
Dávid Nagy receives Junior Prima award
Orsolya Kálmán receives Junior Prima award

Contact information

Senior scientists

János Asbóth    1264  Building 1, Room 125

Lajos Diósi    1287  Building 4, Room xxx

Peter Domokos    1392  Building 1, Room 126/B

Ferenc Iglói    3649  Building 1, Room 110B

Róbert Juhász    3033  Building 1, Room 110C

Zsolt Kis    1390  Building 1, Room 126/A

Tamás Kiss    1394  Building 1, Room 122

Mátyás Koniorczyk    1225  Building 1, Room 123/B

Orsolya Kálmán    1356  Building 1, Room 121

Dávid Nagy    1264  Building 1, Room 125

József Pitrik    xxx  Building 1, Room xxx

Géza Tóth    1264  Building 1, Room 125

Sándor Varró    2635  Building 1, Room 109B

Attila Virosztek    3027  Building 1, Room 110B

András Vukics    2210  Building 1, Room 127

Péter Ádám    1356  Building 1, Room 121
Postdoc fellows

Thomas Clark    1229  Building 1, Room 123

András Dombi    1229  Building 1, Room 123

Aurél Gábris    1229  Building 1, Room 121

Adrian Ortega    1229  Building 1, Room 123

Gergő Roósz    3033  Building 1, Room 110C
Ph.D. students

András Bodor    1229  Building 1, Room 123
External members

András Gilyén    1229  Building 1, Room 123

Rózsa Vidák    2210  Building 1, Room 127
Former members

Péter Boross  

Anita Budavári

Zoltán Darázs

Tobias Griesser  

Dávid Jakab  

József Janszky

László Kecskés

Bálint Kollár

Endre Kollár

Miklós Kornyik  

Zoltán Kurucz

Attila Kárpáti

Gábor Kónya  

Pavlo Pyshkin  

Tibor Rakovszky

Péter Sinkovicz  

Viktor Szalay

Gergely Szirmai  

Nóra Sándor

Endre Tóth

László Dániel Tóth

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