How to get around in Bilbao

How to get to hotels and the university residences from the airport by bus

How to get to the department from Bilbao by bus

The department is at the Leioa campus of University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). Leioa is a town close to Bilbao. The buses 2312, 2314 and 2318 go to the university from Bilbao.

Map of the Termibus station with the final station of the 2318 bus:

Temporarily, the Termibus station moved to the left on the map.

Here one can see the schedule of buses: Bizkaibus. Just write, from which place to which place you want to go.


How to get to the department from the university residences and hotels:

How to get to the department on the Leioa campus

The following map summarizes the part of the campus you need to know, in order to get to the building of Sciences.

Theoretical Physics Department: After you are at the main entrance of sciences, go straight until you can. Then, turn left, and again, go straight until you can, even when crossing iron doors. Then, you are at a staircase. Go down two levels, and you are at level -2, Department of Theoretical Physics. It is on the ground floor, the reason for the -2 is that the building is on a hill side.

Our offices: they are not at the department. The way to get there is as follows: enter the main entrance. Turn left immediately when you can. Go on the corridor until you reach the end. There is a staircase. Go up one level and continue on the same direction, as you were walking in the long corridor. Go until you can. At some point you can proceed slightly left and right. Choose slightly left. My office is A6.P1.4.

Some pictures to help the orientation:

The entrance of the University.

Main entrance of the Science building. The text says “Zientzia eta Teknologia Fakultatea / Facultad de Ciencia y Technologia”.


How to get to the university from Getxo:

Public transport: