Invited speakers, after the conference, please send an envelope with

- Copy of passport

- A4 with the following data:

    - Home address

    - Bank account (Bank name, IBAN code, SWIFT/BIC code)

- Your boarding cards

- Plane tickets where the price can be seen (e.g., printouts)

- Meal tickets (please keep all meal tickets). Please keep even tickets for coffee or sandwiches, which they normally take from you after serving you. Please ask them to give the bills back to you.

- Taxi tickets

- An A4 paper with the abstract of your talk that we can pay for your talk.

(Author, title, abstract)

Hotel bills are payed directly by us. Hopefully, you did not pay ...

Please send these to the address

Géza Tóth
Dpto. de Física Teórica e Historia de la Ciencia
Universidad del País Vasco
Apdo. 644
48080 Bilbao