How to get to the University from the Hotel: Cross the river, then you can use the tram 7 to get to the San Mamés bus station and then take the bus 2318 to the University. For how to move within the University, see [link]. The Science Building is

Arrival: when you arrive at the University, please go to the main entrance of the Science building. Then we will pick you up. You can call

Geza Toth 0034 683 640 839 (Spanish Mobile)

We will pick you up and bring you to the lecture hall.

3-5 September: Talks (30 minutes and 45 minutes)
5-7 September: Discussions

Place: Sala Anexa ZTF-FCT (maximum capacity: 68 persons)

Conference wifi: qed3wifi

September 3

9:30 Opening

10:00 M. Navascues: Quantum Steering and Space-Like Separation

10:45 M. Kleinmann: Why Alice and Bob don't see post-quantum correlations

11:15 Coffee

11:45 D. Gross: Entanglement Polytopes

12:30 C. Budroni: Optimal inequalities for quantum contextuality

13:00 Lunch Break

14:30 M.W. Mitchell

15:15 I. Urizar-Lanz: Differential magnetometry with multipartite singlets

15:45 Coffee

16:15 C. Schwemmer: Permutationally invariant tomography of symmetric Dicke states

17:00 G. Vitagliano: Spin squeezing inequalities for spin-j particles


20:30 Conference dinner

September 4

10:00 J. Siewert: Quantitative two-qutrit entanglement

10:45 C. Elstschka: A quantitative witness for Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger entanglement

11:15 Coffee

11:45 L. Lamata: Efficient Generation of Symmetric Entanglement Classes in Trapped Ions

12:30 Z. Zimborás: Symplectic and Unitary

13:00 Lunch Break

14:30 P. Horodecki: Quantum privacy witness and collective uncertainty entanglement test

15:15 T. Moroder: Theoretical aspects of permutationally invariant tomography

15:45 Coffee

16:15 A. Osterloh: Measurement of entanglement: Comb-Approach versus Ω-process

17:00 L. Novo: Detecting entanglement of permutationally invariant states with PPT mixtures

17:30 Group Photo

September 5

10:00 O. Gühne: Quantum information geometry

10:45 M. Ali: Generating genuine multipartite entanglement via XY interaction and via von Neumann measurements

11:15 M. Hofmann: Scaling of genuine multiparticle entanglement in spin chains

11:45 Closing remarks