The Budapest Quantum Optics Group


The research group is committed to theoretical research in quantum optics and quantum information processing. It was found in the early nineties by Professor József Janszky, and is currently led by Peter Domokos. The group covers the Department of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Institute of Solid State Physics and Optics and includes the Quantum Measurement Momentum Group launched in 2011 by the Momentum Program. The institute is a unit of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, a leading national institution supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Research Topics

  • Non-classical states of light
  • Entanglement in quantum mechanics
  • Quantum communication, quantum teleportation
  • Quantum optics of photonic crystals
  • Cavity quantum electrodynamics
  • Cavity cooling
  • Coherent quantum control
  • Molecular dynamics and spectroscopy
  • Quantum information processing
  • Quantum random walks
  • Topological phases of quantum walks