The Budapest Quantum Optics Group

Web-based services

SSL certificate
Install this CA certificate to use our secured IT services without browser warnings.
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Printing while connected to the WiFi
By using the link given in the description of the printer above you will be allowed to print via your Google accounts up to a limited amount, therefore keep this information confidential. If you need full access contact Gergő. First you need to add the printer to the collection of your Google Cloud printers. Afterwards you'll be immediately able to print from your Chrome browser. Additionally, you may consider adding a virtual Google Cloud printer to your Windows or CUPS (Linux/MacOS) system to enable printing from any application via the standard OS subsystem.

Documentation and guides

Remote Access
Remote access to the Optics Network from outside the Department. (Includes: editing the wiki pages, connecting through ssh, accessing journals)
Developing and Running Programs
Supported languages and libraries include C/C++/Fortran, Intel MKL and OpenVidia CUDA. The PBS Professional batch system is installed for running batch jobs.

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