The Budapest Quantum Optics Group
The Budapest Quantum Optics Group


Web-based services

SSL certificate
CA certificate to use our secured IT services
Web-based mail interface powered by SquirrelMail or Horde


Printing while connected to the WiFi
Go to and specify the HP ePrint e-mail address of the printer. This will add it to the collection of your Google Cloud printers and you'll be able to print directly from your Chrome browser. You may consider adding the virtual Google Cloud printer to your Windows.

Documentation and guides

Remote Access
Remote access to the Optics Network from outside the Department. (Includes: editing the wiki pages, connecting through ssh, accessing journals)
Developing and Running Programs
Supported languages and libraries include C/C++/Fortran, Intel MKL and OpenVidia CUDA. The Torque batch system is installed for running batch jobs.

Your IP address is

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